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  • HPRA National Announces Daniel Piñeyro as Social Media Strategist

    HPRA is excited to announce Daniel Piñeyro, Account Manager at Pinta’s New York office, as the Social Media Strategist for HPRA National. Piñeyro will be responsible for managing HPRA National’s profile, driving social media conversations and promoting the organization’s initiatives...
  • Young Entrepreneurs Hang Out With Government Virtually… and in Spanish

    It’s a well-known fact that the Hispanic population is growing at a rapid pace, and among the areas seeing the most interest and growth is business. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are more than 3 million Hispanic-owned...
  • Demographics Are Not Destiny: Owning Our Own PR

    After the events and festivities of Hispanic Heritage Month, what are we left with? It’s a month to spotlight the contributions of Hispanic Americans in the United States, to examine how far we’ve come. We reflect on remnants of those...
  • Why diversity in public relations is a business necessity

    By Antonio Hernandez, HPRA October 2, 2014 Leading brands that want to build relationships in diverse and emerging markets around the world know it begins with recruiting, developing, and retaining talent reflecting their client population. These companies know they can...
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